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Cariboni knows the importance of lightness on marine equipment: this feature is more important when you need to place something on the bow of your boat. In order to offer to race cruiser sailing yacht an automatic and lightweight anchor stowing system, Cariboni has designed a compact and full water proof product: the new AAS_088 and AAS_140.
The idea is simply but clever: helicoidal screw, driven by a hydraulic engine, acts on a gearbox to move the anchor arm in and out on the bow.
Two models are designed to work in accordance of torque moment required by anchor and anchor arm. These two models are made on lightweight black hard coated aluminium body, 17-4PH stainless steel and bronze gears: the high torque hydraulic engine has a water proof cover in order protect it from marine corrosion.
When the available room is so tight and there's a need to turn round the forestay when moving the anchor arm, Cariboni offers on his bigger model AAS_140 an additional feature to improve a lateral movement of the system when stowing in and out.

modelmax torque
nm - lb/ft
mm - in
kg - lb
flow required
working pressure
bar - psi
AAS 0881500 - 1106308x90x194 - 12.2x3.5x7.68.5 - 18.735100 - 1450
AAS 1402460 - 1814350x230x245 - 13.8x9.1x9.6 - 8140 - 2031
AAS 140L2460 - 1814407x270x450 - 16.0x10.6x17.7 - 8140 - 2031

Cariboni supplies a complete pack for anchor stowing based on its AAS models. This kit is made up of a compact lightweight powerpack, an ASS model coping the anchor weight, a double acting cylinder and the compact electric control box. To easy find your anchor stowing system size, follow these references (only for kit system):
AAS_088 up to 88 lb (40 kg) anchor
AAS_140 up to 140 lb (63 kg) anchor
AAS_140L up to 140 lb (63 kg) anchor

Image caption:
1 - Compact powerpack, with valves and integrated oil reservoir.
2 - PLC system to control the powerpack and limit switches to self controlled the system.
3 - CL16 double acting cylinder to open/close the hatch anchor
4 - AAS_088 hydraulic anchor stowing system