Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 

Cariboniís hydraulic inner forestay comes from VOR 70 request to have a powerful control of the storm jib stay tension with a self-alignment system to avoid any dangerous overload on the ram. This race system is made up by a single acting cylinder with spherical tube head to let align the cylinder with the stay. A rubber cap protects the spherical system from water and salt keeping waterproof the deck. For fast cruiser sailing yachts, Cariboni has designed a different solution based on standard single acting cylinder which is full installed under the deck for a flush design. The system is made up by three mains parts:hydraulic cylinder, turnbuckle and upper cylinder
The hydraulic, place on the lower part of the system, is fixed on a chain plate inside the boat and pull down the inner forestay by the hydraulic power; a gas spring help the system when easing. The upper cylinder works as a guide for the piston where is fixed the lashing hook where the inner forestay can be fixed. To easy match together these two parts, a turnbuckle is place between the two rods to trim the distance between the hydraulic cylinder and the upper guide. Both inner forestay models are available in many size and stroke to copy designers requirements.

modelmax pull load
kg - lb
mm - in
l min (pin to pin)
mm - in
kg - lb
working pressure
bar - psi
oil volume
PT 055 S 04007072 - 15586.69400 - 15.751123 - 44.216,8 - 13.22350 - 50760.82
PT 070 S 026011983 - 26410.53260 - 10.241497 - 58.9412,2 - 26.45350 - 50760.7
PT 070 S 027011983 - 26410.53270 - 10.631528 - 60.1612,8 - 26.45350 - 50760.9
PT 070 S 030011983 - 26410.53300 - 11.811621 - 63.8214 - 30.86350 - 50761.1