Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 
Captive Furler

The Captive Furler is the innovative jib furler with integrated hydraulic stay tension-ram that has got the DAME 2002 prize in the category Deck Equipment, Sails and Rigging.

As a normal jib furler, this unit is operated by a rope to furl the jib, and through the sheet to unfurl. But the rope of the CAPTIVE FURLER is driven by a car into the spiral groove of a special drum. And the car is driven by the same groove to set the rope without any jamming for maximum safety. This compact furler system allows installation under the deck also for narrow bow yachts.

The rope can be manually set, or furled on a remote hydraulic drum, as for a better placement of the motor weight and size.

rod size
furling rounds
traction load at 350 bar
kg - lb
breaking load
mm - in
cylinder stroke
mm - in
mm - in
pin to tack

mm - in
furler weight
kg / lb
oil volume
CF 30P30305340 / 1176914000 / 30856113 / 4156 / 6349 / 1418 / 400.17
CF 40P40327127 / 1570818000 / 39672133 / 5165 / 6375 / 1521 / 460.26