Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 
Code Zero Furler

Cariboniís code zero furlers the lightweight solution to have an automatic furler to control code zeros by on board hydraulic. Our code zeros have a black hard coated aluminium bodies and are all 100% water proof for top performances and reliability.

All our furlers have fast pins for easy and quick connection of the sail; starting from IG 09000 size, a manual back-up system allow to furl the sail without hydraulic power. Special gear system doesnít let unfurl the sail under load and doesnít keep pressure on the hydraulic system when sailing. Many types of fixing ways are available for all sizes: custom length of chain plates turnbuckle available on demand.

modelhalyard max working
load (traction)

kg - lb
max oil pressure
bar - psi
min flow rate
max speed @ max flow rate
kg / lb
IG 045004500 / 9918140 / 20319.2 / 0170x170x18568@254
IG 090009000 / 19836140 / 203116.7 / 1204x207x28048@204
IG 1600016000 / 35264400 / 580235 / 1227x262x298105@487
IG 2300023000 / 50692400 / 580267.8 / 3303x331x368179@12815
IG 4700047000 / 103588400 / 5802135 / 5511x404x356150@20015