Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 

The Magic Double system is the evolution of the famous Cariboni's Magic Trim clever idea.

The new system is composed by two integrated rams: a long stroke ram that works as a 4:1 tackle for the starting quick hauling, and a short stroke one hat works as a 2:1 tackle for the final powerful setting due to the exponential trend of the load.

The huge advantages of this new system are the reduction of the dimensions for the same load and therefore increase of the speed (less volume of oil) and decrease of the weight, for a total increase of performance and available power use.

Special arrangements with multiple cylinders can be done to manage very long sheet in a small room.

Here below, the mainsheet MagicTrim+MagicDouble system developed for a Swan 60'.

Trim sequence: both cylinders closed, MagicTrim starts to exit, than starts the 4:1 side of MagicDouble taking high mainsheet speed. When the 4:1 side of MagicDouble is fully extended and the load on the sheet increases, the 2:1 MagicDouble ram completes the hauling of the sheet. Vice versa for easing sequence.

With MagicDouble system, the hydraulic system can work with gear pump at medium pressure (220bar) even hauling high load and getting high sheet line.

The MagicDouble system keeps on the advantage of MagicTrim to have a very fast release of the sheet offering high performances and safety sailing.