Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 
Lifting Keel

The possibility of lifting the keel dramatically improves the boat performance while allowing an easy entry in shallow water harbours.
Our special double acting cylinders for the keel lifting have both hydraulic connections on the piston rod terminal, firmly fixed to the boat structure (no movement of the piping) therefore the space required outside the keel is just the rod terminal height.

The three typical systems are shown in the following images: flanged connection, bearing connection and pin connection.

Both flanged and bearing connection reduce the piston rod buckling problem, allowing a very small cylinder size.

The flanged connection arrangement needs a very precise guide system (0.5 max keel moving), while using the bearing connection the keel can move as much as the free space for the tube inside the keel. The pin connection is employed when there are no buckling problem, as for a canard. The keel can also be locked into position by small double acting cylinders with pins. Cariboni machinery the fin, keel head, and lifting keel hydraulic system (piping, manifold, powerpack and electronic control) to have a whole system ready to tif on board. Here are some of the various systems already built.