Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 
Canting & Lifting Keel

A new feature has been added to the canting keel system: the cylinders move a box that contain the fin; therefore when the keel is in central position can be lifted sliding through that box.
The twin screws for the lifting system are driven by an hydraulic motor, and most of the keel weight is taken by the Magic Trim cylinder, to let the screws operate in the best condition.
The canting system has two hydraulic cylinders, and two frames that support all the stresses from the keel.

Safety: the canting system can operate in emergency with one cylinder; and the keel can be lifted by just the screws or the Magic Trim.
The supply includes a switchboard with electromechanical logic to control keel movement, the keel control manifold, indicators for keel angle rotation and vertical end of stroke position.

A CNC machined jig of the structure is supplied for the correct alignment of the bulkheads and for an easy installation on the boat of the keelmechanism.
Following the same philosophy, Cariboni developed a lifting&canting keel system for the Wilke 49' "WildLady" race yacht.

The canting movement of the keel is driven by two small alluminium cylinders.
The cylinders are fixed with bearings right to the carbon bulkhead without any specifical frame for weight saving.

The keel can be lifted once it is in the center position and unlocking it manualy. A MagicTrim cylinder grabs the keelhead with a sheet and lift it out of the deck.
Linear sensors inside the canting cylinders, control the position of the system and allow the MagicTrim to lift the keel.
Both canting and lifting system are fully manually: the hydraulic power is generated by two eight cylinder radial pumps plug on a grinder.
Cariboni has designed and realized all the system and the fin of the keel too.
The machinery of the keel box started from a solid block of 17-4 PH stainless steel wheras the fin has machinered froma 3390mm of forged stainless steel material.