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This really device helpful to avoid line jamming in non accessible rooms as sheet and halyard eased from winch, captive winch or Magic Trim before coming on the deck. When you release a sheet and there's no load on it, a sheet jam may happen with a lot of problems for the control and safety of the boat.
Cariboni's Magic Puller is the ultimate answer of these kind problems. Magic Puller is made up of an high efficiency hydraulic engine matched together with a pulley or with a high strength rubber chain. This very compact system is driven by a proper hydraulic manifold which control the speed of the system in order to keep on load the sheet in every circumstances.

Magic puller is available in two different model:
- Magic Puller: the first one, to be used as a footblock on deck or under the deck. The main sheave is composed by two parts with special system to fit perfectly for the rope.
- Magic Spring: this hydraulic puller is design to work as on-line evice to control the sheet when easing. With vertical exit from the deck, it is necessary to spit out the sheet to avoid any dangerous jam of the line

Both model of Magic Puller are made on lightweight black hard coated aluminium alloy with low friction ball bearing and stainless steel oil fittings and screws. Different sizes and custom solutions are available on demand.

modeloverall dimensions
mm - in
mm - in
kg - lb
working pressure
bar - psi
337x180 139(h) - 13.3x7.1 5.5(h)Up to 20 - 0,788.5 / 19140 - 2031For on line arrangement.
Under the deck mounting position.
302x283 164(h) - 11.9x11.1 6.45(h)Up to 20 - 0,787.65 / 17250 - 3626For step block arrangement.
Deck mounting position.

In order to avoid any jam line on under deck hydraulic rams when easing without load on the sheet, Cariboni "Spring pulley" is the solution.
This simply but clever idea stop the system when load on the sheet is becoming too low avoid any damage to the system.

No hydraulic power requested.

Dimensions: 375 x 65 x 65 mm Weight: 1.074 kg