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MAGIC TRIM, the system patented by CARIBONI, is indispensable when sheets under big loads need to be trimmed and released in a very short time.

This is an idea as simple as clever: a 4:1 tackle made by a double effect hydraulic actuator with two sheaves mounted at both ends.

When the actuator is extended, the sheet passing through the sheaves is trimmed by a length equal to four times its extension, on the contrary when the actuator is shortened the sheet is released.

Even though the system is made by a tackle, the load transmitted to the fixing points is identical to the sheet working load .

Considering the same sheet load, the MAGIC TRIM is much faster and reliable in comparison to the traditional maneuvering systems; therefore it is successfully utilized by cruising and regatta sailing boats. Thanks to the specific hydraulic control system, it is possible to have fast and slow regulations even with heavy loads simply pushing a button!

Besides having a number of special applications, the MAGIC TRIM are normally used on sailing boats for the main sheet regulations, main sail traveler, jib sheets, centerboard and in every other occasion it is necessary to pull long sheets in a limited space (as lifting keel cylinder too).

The MAGIC TRIM are available in eleven different models, each with customizable lengths to cope with everyone's needs and adapt both to new projects and future installations.

Our technical office can design new models in short time.

MAGIC 5011273132
MAGIC 6016233848
MAGIC 7022094608
MAGIC 8028855300
MAGIC 9036515752
MAGIC 10045086832
MAGIC 11054557668
MAGIC 12064927892
MAGIC 13076199404
MAGIC 14088369408
* values calculated @ 250 bar. Please contact our technical office
for customized stroke, working pressure and/or load.