Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 

CARITEC MDA is the new powerful monitoring and data acquisition system for an easy reading and recording data on your boat.

You can read and record quantities as PRESSURE, LOAD, FLOW, LINEAR POSITION, ANGLE POSITION, TEMPERATURE, LEVEL and every quantity you can measure with a 010 VDC or 420 mA outlet signal.

The standard unit shows on a PC page 8 measure dials, but the system can be improved adding further 8 instruments pages.

Note: the CARITEC MDA system is designed just to read and record data, not to control quantities and steer your boat.


On a PC page you can simultaneously read 8 mesurements with both analogic and digital visualization. You can quickly and easily set for each instrument:
- Name
- Measure unit
- Signal end of scale
- Instrument end of scale
- Alarm and prealarm limit (visual and sound alarms)
- Type of signal (Tension or Current)
Also the data sampling frequency can be set, and the software saves automatically a daily file in chronological order.
Recorded data are stored in a .xls format table for further elaboration. Data and alarm setting are protected by password.
CARITEC MDA system requirements: Windows 95/98/2000 or NT. The system is available also with a touch screen control.

Install demo and try the software