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CARITEC designs, builds, installs and tests the complete hydraulic system from powerpacks to piping, manifolds, electric control system and basic or special hydraulic devices. In the following pages is shown a complete system that we just delivered for a custom sail yacht.
Our philosophy for hydraulic system is the same followed for others Cariboni-Caritec products:
Reliabilty: Cariboni's suppliers are the most important hydraulic companies on the world: Bosch-Rexroth and Hawe for hydraulic valves and pumps, CFR Italy for electric engines, Vivoil and Oleostar for gear pumps and flow control. Our PLC electronic control board are all made with Unitronics components which are worldwide available. All fittings are on stainless steel to avoid any problem or rust and for long service time: 700 bar working pressure test passed.

Lightweight: Caritec designs and produces its own lightweight aluminium manifold and other hydraulic system accessories like oil tank,low pressure fittings, pump flanges etc. Gear pumps for medium pressure and high pressure pumps (up to 700 bar) are all made on lightweight aluminium alloy and fitted on electric engine with aluminium flange and 17-4PH joint.

Innovative & Technological approach: Our hydraulic systems change the old point of view of centralized unit where a single hydraulic central supplies all the devices in the boat. For medium size system, we supply de-located manifold arrangement which reduces the length and the weight of hoses and increase reliably. Caritec special basic power pack configuration includes a single electric motor combined with three autoshift pumps: at low pressure all three pumps work to get maximum oil flow; at medium pressure one pump is excluded, at high pressure only one works. So the current consumption is quite constant in all the range of pressures, thus optimising the use of the electric motor: longer continuous use time without overheating and overloading.

Caritec manifold block: the hydraulic valves are placed near
the devices in order to minimize hoses length and weight.

Custom pump arrangement: aluminium alloy gear pump and a wise use of hydraulic
power, reduce the weight of system and increase its reliability.