Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 

For small boats CARITEC proposes a self contained system, with oil tank, powerpack and compact manifold, all made on aluminium alloy. With this hydraulic system the installation on board get easier and faster: the shipyard have just to fix the panel with few screws and plug the hoses to the cylinders. It?s a piece of cake! Here below an example of easy sailing hydraulic system on Wallynano yachts.

  • - Magic Trim for main sheet
  • - N.2 single acting cylinders for jib sheet and backstay
  • - Hydraulic vang
  • - Compact hydraulic powerpack with integrated oiltank and valves block


Cariboni's hydraulic systems improve every year with ultimate high-tech solutions.
The proportional valves is getting a benchmark for sailing word and it?s a standard for our professional systems. The proportional controls of flow and pressure on hydraulic systems reduce un-wanted peaks of pressures and increase the control of hydraulic devices and their reliability. Cariboni tested this technology in VOR 70 and IMOCA 60 canting keel systems, improving the control of keel, reducing power request and stress for hoses and rams.

A proportional valve is not only an hydraulic affair but it's an challenge too. We used in our PLC control the proportional board with full marine coating and wide trim settings in order to avoid any problem of rust and match the architect and customs desires.

In order to increase the efficiency of electric engines as well as to reduce the electric consumption and increase the lifetime of the electric engine, CARITEC offers the softstart device: this electronic system controls the current power consumption of DC electric engine, getting a soft and smooth starts and stops. Softstars are a must for bigger electric engines (from 4500 watts) in order to increase the available hydraulic power without increase too much the batteries size.
Big power even for small boats!