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Giovanni Cariboni was born in Bellano on the Lake of Como the 16th November 1948.
He starts to sail very young and when he was 10 years old was already able to sail alone on a Dinghy 12'. Fourteen years old, he starts to take part in the regatta on the Snype as crew member and continuo to take part in the regatta also with the FD for other 2 years in the Italian seas. When he is 16 years old he starts to sail on the Star class for about one year, to then pass on the 5.50 s.i. where he starts his international experience.

His design experience in the sailing world starts collaborating with Eng. Carcano.
Contemporaneously he was studying to the mechanical design high school. During the school period, in the summer, he was collaborating with Eng. Carcano in the development of the 5.50 s.i. Volpina 1, Volpina 2, Volpina 3, Volpina 4 and Volpina 5. At the end of the high-school he re-starts to sail on the Star boat.
He spent the military in the aeronautic and during the military he was insert in the military sport group in the sailing section.

At the end of the military he spent 2 years working as a teacher in the high school where he has studied. At the same time he was able to participate to the regatta in a semi-professional way. After that he worked in a mechanical firm in Lecco as production manager and when he was 24 years old he started to work at the Canclini has designer of aluminium mast.

Giovanni Cariboni stands side of a  Wally 105' keel frame

Cariboni's firm was founded in 1984 by Mr Giovanni Cariboni. His years of experience as a sailor let him to approach easily the sailing market world.
In the beginning of his activity Mr Cariboni was designing and producing aluminium mast, and this has continuo until one year ago when this part of the production has been stopped.

In 1987, Cariboni was caught up in its first production of hydraulic components on the boat Masaiomè.
In 1992, Cariboni was involved in the Wallygator project, that in our opinion it has change the philosophy of the hydraulic system. It was required to fully equip with hydraulic system the boat.
The project was ended in 1994 and the boat is still sailing. From that period Cariboni has concentrated his research and development in the hydraulic system, improving every years its products and its technology.

The firm counts on 16 person + 3 freelancer divided as follow: 4 +1 freelancer in the technical office, 3 in the administration and purchase office, 9 in production and 2 freelancer for the installation on board.
The production is technology advanced. There are 3 CNC milling machine, 3 lathe machine, 2 Eletric Discharge Machine, 1 Lapping machine, 1 grinding machine, 2 saw and the following traditional machines:
1 milling machine, 2 lathe machine, 1 press 100 tons, 1 shears 3mt long, 2 TIG welder 500Amp, 1 MIG welder 400 Amp.
All the machinery have a PC connected to the network where they can see the 3D of the piece that they are working with.

Cariboni's firm at Ronco Briantino