Compliments to Team New Zealand Winner of the XXXV America's cup..... 

Cariboni designs and machineries plastic, aluminium, fibreglass and carbon fibre oil tanks complete
with accessories.
Plastic oil tanks are the standard offer for not-pressurized oil system; many tanks can be plugged
together to increase overall oil volume.
For pressurized oil tank system, Cariboni designs, assemblies and tests standard and custom
aluminium oil tanks. This kind of reservoir has 0-4 bar manometer gauge for air pressure, fast
coupling fittings and oil level gauge for bigger system.
For race-cruiser and pure racer sailing yachts Cariboni-Caritec offers lightweight fiberglass and pure
carbon fibres oil tanks with different sizes and custom arrangements. All these tanks are available
with aluminum or lightweight plastic manifold for clean piping system.

N/APressurized Carbon reservoir. 2.1 , 5.1, 9.4 l. Available
SERB 10 A 05855Aluminium reservoir 10 l.
SERB 120 A 05083Aluminium reservoir 120 l.
SERB PRE 02 03464Pressurized Aluminium reservoir 2 l.
SER23Plastic reservoir 2.3 l.
N/APVC Reservoir