Cariboni’s firm was founded in 1984 by Mr Giovanni Cariboni. Thanks to his experience as a sailor, he was able to easily approach to the sailing market world. In the beginning of his activity, Mr Cariboni was used to design and produce aluminium masts, and this activity was carried on until 1993, when this part of the production has been stopped. In 1987, Cariboni was caught up in its first production of hydraulic components on the boat Masaiomè. In 1992, Cariboni was involved in the Wallygator project, and this has represented a turning point in the philosophy of the hydraulic system. It was required to fully equip the boat with an hydraulic system.
The project was completed in 1994 and the boat is still sailing. From that period Cariboni has concentrated his research and development on the hydraulic system, improving every years its products and its technology. Nowadays Cariboni is a family business company and it counts around 20 people and 3 freelancers for the installation on board. All the machinery are connected to the network by a PC where workers can see the 3D of the piece that they are working on. Our technicians are able to engineer any kind of product thanks to Solidworks, Cosmos and CAM Surfcam.